Side FC 92

National Team Appearances


Bahama National Team - Marcell Joseph 

Marcel Joseph represented the Bahamas in the 2020 Gold Cup.  In that same year he helped Side FC 92 capture two Cups in the UPSL Red River Premier Division (Conference Championship & Regular Season Conference Championship) and a place in the National Tournament RD of 32. 

Latvia National Team - Anna Gornell 

Anna Gornell represented the Latvian National team as a starter vs England in a 2021 World Cup Qualifier, and has gone on to earn further caps from the Natioal Team. Gornell helped lead the Side FC 92 Women's team to a National Sweet 16 UWS Premier Division appearance in 2021. 

Iranian National Team - Coach Mansour Ebrahimzadeh 

Mansour Ebrahimzadeh led Iran's National Team to 3 consecutive draws as head coach, and also served as the assistant coach of Iran under Coach Clemente and Coach Ghalenoie.  Coach Mansour joined Side FC 92 men's technical staff in 2022.